My sensor or sensors are not working or not pairing

We get a number of enquiries where a sensor has stopped working or won't pair. In 99% of the cases we've received, the cause has been a dead battery. We recommend testing the battery (even if it is new) with a multi-meter. The battery fully charged should show 3.2V or higher Anything 2.9V or less the sensor is unlikely to function.


If you don't have a multi-meter then we suggest trying a battery from a known working sensor. 

We have seen a large number of examples where even new batteries are in fact dead or have deteriorated to too low a voltage to operate the sensor. 

We have tested a lot of battery brands and generally found Energiser's to be the most consistent in having a full 3.2V straight out of the packet. 

Lastly the Fobo app may show a battery as still ok. If a battery suddenly dies then it wont update the app so this will be a false reading. 

Once you have gone through these steps if you still face an issue please contact us by using the contact us button and we are more than happy to assist you further. 



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