Fobo Tyre 2

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Do i need to install FOBO TIRE 2 sensors one by one?

FOBO TIRE 2 sensors inside the packaging box are pre-installed with the in-car unit; you do not need to install the sensors one by one.

What do I get in FOBO TIRE 2 set?

a) 4 tire sensors (with CR1632 batteries included)

b) 1 In-Car unit (with 2 AA size batteries included)

c) Anti-theft lock-nuts and wrench

d) Free "FOBO TIRE 2" app to be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

What phone does FOBO TIRE 2 work with?

FOBO Tire 2 works with Android and iOS smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0 and above. Please ensure you update to latest OS, at least Android 5.0 and iOS 9.3 or later. 

How long can I use FOBO TIRE 2?

FOBO TIRE 2 uses 2xAA batteries for In-car Unit and CR1632 battery for sensor units. These batteries are easily available from local stores and would last up to 1 year for sensor and 2 year for In-car Unit on normal operating temperature. Operating in extreme cold climate may reduce the battery operating life.

How to ensure my FOBO TIRE 2 sensors not stolen?

FOBO TIRE 2 comes with two theft deterrent features. FOBO TIRE 2 units are not re-usable if stolen, thus discouraging potential thieves. The package also comes with anti-theft nuts and a small wrench to mechanically lock the sensors. 

Can FOBO TIRE 2 work without a smartphone?

You will need a smartphone in order to install FOBO TIRE 2 and change settings. Once installed, FOBO TIRE 2 will work even without a smartphone, in case your smartphone is not with you. The In-car Unit will alert with different alert tones in case of tire problems. 

Can I keep In-car Unit at home after the installation and monitor sensors with smartphone?

In-car Unit is an integral part of the system and need to be placed inside the car near to the dashboard where it is not enclosed. It works as a secondary device to alert you incase you forgot your smartphone at home.

Can FOBO TIRE 2 sensor work in all weather conditions?

FOBO TIRE 2 sensor is designed to operate under extreme cold and hot climate. And it's tested for water proof (IP57).

What if there is more than one person driving my car? Can they use the FOBO TIRE 2 in my car?

You can share FOBO Tire 2 in your car with family and friends. Use FOBO share option in the App to Key in their e-mail address that will be used to login to their FOBO TIRE 2 account and it will be synchronized with FOBO cloud via our CrossPair technology. Please ensure they have downloaded FOBO TIRE 2 App on their smartphone and activated it with their email.

How far away can I detect FOBO TIRE 2 readings?

FOBO TIRE 2 uses Bluetooth to send out signals. Typical range 30 meters line of sight without anything blocking the signal. 

Will FOBO TIRE 2 work for trucks or big vans?

FOBO TIRE 2 works on four wheel vehicles with tire pressures below 116 psi (800 Kpa). You can add additional sensors under extra sensor profile (such as for spare tire).

How can FOBO TIRE 2 work when my car engine is turned off?

Your smartphone will pick up signals from FOBO TIRE 2 sensors via Bluetooth. You can check your car tire pressures any time knowing that they are working 24x7 round the clock continuously monitoring the tires for you.

Does FOBO TIRE 2 affect tire balancing?

FOBO TIRE 2 sensor weight is 7.6 grams each but extensive testing has shown a maximum deviation of 5 grams on the wheel balancer. Typical wheel balancing equipment in the market has a resolution of 5 grams as well. The deviation of 5 grams is to be considered acceptable and there is no need to rebalance the wheels after installing FOBO TIRE 2. This is in line with our tire experts.

What should I do if FOBO TIRE 2 sensors cannot read tire pressure on first installation?

All FOBO TIRE 2 sensors are pre-installed with the In-car Unit; you do not need to install the sensors one by one. Just follow the instructions, remove sensor battery tab and install sensor on the position as mentioned on the battery tab. If you did not receive pressure readings after installing a sensor, remove the particular sensor battery and insert back.

Can I calibrate FOBO TIRE 2 sensors?

FOBO TIRE 2 does not need calibration.

 Does FOBO TIRE 2 read absolute pressure or gauge pressure?

FOBO TIRE 2 sensor report absolute pressure and has an internal formulation coupled with Absolute Pressure reading to display readings as if users are at sea-level, even though FOBO readings are taken at ANY altitudes. Fobo TIRE 2 readings should match the placard pressure and user should inflate their tires according to FOBO TIRE 2 reading instead of handheld pressure gauge in the event there are differences between these two readings due to altitude factor and gauge accuracy.

Do I need to release the whole system if I am changing my smartphone?

No, you just need to download the App on your new smartphone and login using the same email address under which the system is installed. All the details will be synced from our server to your new smartphone.

Do I need to release the whole system if I am changing my car?

No, you just need to dismount the system from your old car and mount on your new car. Please label the sensor with its position to avoid mounting the sensor at wrong position. You can change the car profile image & name by using the FOBO TIRE 2 App.

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