Fobo products purchased via eBay or overseas.

Fobo Tyre Australia supports all products purchased from us or from any authorised Australian retailer. Many of our retailers also offer product on eBay and other marketplaces and we fully support them. If in doubt you can contact us to confirm the seller is an authorised retailer. 

We are unable to support or provide any warranty assistance for any products purchased from overseas or from unauthorised sellers on eBay or other marketplaces. Any warranty issues if purchased from these sellers must be directed to the sellers themselves. 

Q. But these sellers offer the products cheaper?

A. In many cases this is correct. These sellers will buy from offshore sources in small quantities avoiding government import charges and then sell product from home incurring no business costs and in many cases do not provide any support for products. Our authorised network of retailers offer support and full Australian warranties and are backed by us ensuring that if you require support or have a warranty issue you will be looked after properly. 

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