Off Road Mode for Monitoring Below 23psi

Due to legislation governing TPMS in other countries it is a requirement that on road pressures cannot be set below 23psi. As such Fobo has a special off road mode that overrides this and allows users to monitor lower pressure (down to 5psi) when operating vehicles in conditions where low tyre pressures are required. Temperature monitoring becomes very relevant when using low pressure. We recommend you use off road mode always when operating with low pressure. 


To turn on Off Road Mode:-

1) At the Car Status screen, click the gear icon at the top Right and select “Edit car Profile”.

2) Click at Advance Setting.
3) Turn on the Off Road Mode by swiping the button..


Users can set the Pressure limit below 160Kpa/23Psi if they turn on the Off Road mode.


Do not use Off Road mode on normal roads, it’s only to be used for Off-Road activities where lower tire pressure is required.

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