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FOBO Xtra serves as additional sensor that can be added to the default 4-sensors system of both FOBO Tire and FOBO Tire Plus, which many of you are currently using. Users can add a maximum of 12 FOBO Xtra sensors to the FOBO Tire App. These additional sensors can be used for monitoring of spare tires, air suspensions for certain vehicles, trailers, caravan and the likes, which require more than the usual 4 tires pressure monitoring. FOBO Xtra reads up to a max pressure of 600kPa or 87 psi. FOBO Xtra will appear in an 'Xtra page' to show the additional paired sensors, with conspicuous display and individually editable, to suit the various needs of demanding users. The Xtra sensor will not be linked to the InCar unit, and can monitor pressure from 5-87 psi. This give users full flexibility in deciding how they want to use the Xtras without jeopardizing the default InCar system that will continue to monitor the main vehicle. Any alert from the Xtras will go directly to the paired phone, within the Bluetooth zone.

Note: Do not use FOBO Xtra sensor as replacement for FOBO Tire or FOBO Tire Plus sensor.

* Maximum 12 Xtra sensors can be added per vehicle profile.*


Do not use FOBO Xtra sensor as replacement for FOBO Tire or FOBO  Tire Plus sensor.


FOBO Xtra - How to install?


 FOBO Xtra - How to release sensor?



 FOBO Xtra - How to edit settings?



 FOBO Xtra - How to disable & enable sensor?






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