Fobo Max

What is the difference between FOBO MAX and FOBO Tag?

FOBO MAX has different architecture from FOBO Tag. It performs all the features available in FOBO Tag with additional WebSearchME feature. FOBO Tag does not have the architecture to support WebSearchME. FOBO MAX also has enhanced PromptME feature for more sensitive & longer range detection.


Do I need a new app to run FOBO MAX?

Yes. FOBO MAX can only work with latest 'FOBO Tag 2' app. Please update your FOBO app to the latest version in order to use FOBO MAX.


How does WebSearchME work?

WebSearchME is a crowd sourced tracking feature using Bluetooth to identify a lost tag. When a tag is reported lost, anyone with FOBO app (we call them ANGEL) passes by the tag will pick up the ID and send GPS location to FOBO cloud. This information will be relayed to the tag owner.


How effective is WebSearchME in locating a lost tag?

The ANGELs are the sensor points to find a lost tag. The effectiveness increases with the number of ANGELs out there. You would appreciate whatever chance or avenue to be able to locate it when you lost something very dear to you.Good news is, we already have thousands of existing FOBO Tag users as our ANGELs. We are also recruiting ANGELs through an awareness campaign.

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